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Re: Movies Seen in 2010

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You've managed to list just about every Allen film I haven't seen yet there, except for Mighty Aphrodite. What was the supernatural plot device used in that film?
All the Greek mythical characters.

Speaking of Allen, another review:

Radio Days [B ] - Chronologically the last film in the latest box-set (I jumped over Hannah and Her Sisters to save it for last, since it's the best reviewed one), this is an amiable nostalgia trip (basically, it's "Radio Ga-Ga" as a movie). It's completely plotless, so far as that goes, more concerned with just giving you a feel for the fictional household of the young Woody Allen stand-in (played by, of all people, a young Seth Green). The cast is a bit of a breath of fresh air after the last few films; Mia Farrow's here, of course, but she's not the main character, and most of the rest of the cast is new, the other main holdout being recurring Allen player Dianne Wiest (Diane Keaton also has a cameo). The most recognizable are kid-Woody's parents, played by Stuart from L.A. Law and the voice of Marge Simpson (which made her character somewhat hard to listen to on occasion because of how familiar the voice is). There's some borderline black humour in how disciplinary standards have changed over the years; everybody beats there kids, and the parents constantly complain about how the other is too soft. In one extended sequence, mom, dad, and the local rabbi all whack him a bunch of times to show they know what they're doing. Extremely pleasant to watch, though this is just the sort of film that box-sets exist for, because it's a fairly minor work, all things considered.
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