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Re: Your Star Trek Online Screenshots!

So, I did make it to Lt.Cmdr last week:

And took on a Science Vessel as my new command - the USS Acheron, NCC-100217:

I thought I'd introduce my bridge crew at this point. I usually play in Low graphic quality:

but for this I bumped it up to maximum quality:

My first recruited officer, from the USS Khitomer right at the start of the game, the Bolian Engineering officer, Ensign Albar:

Next, Vulcan Tactical officer Ensign T'Eretis:

My favoured bridge officer, Betazoid Science officer, recently promoted to Lieutenant, Hannia Thesa:

And my most recent addition to the crew, Khalian Science officer, Ensign Kr'han Tergath:

This is the crew of the USS Acheron:

And these are their voyages...

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