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Re: Movies Seen in 2010


Avatar [ B]
Precious [A-]
Invictus [ B]
A Single Man [B-]
Crazy Heart [A-]
A Serious Man [A-]


Adventureland [B+]
Samaritan Girl [C+]
3-Iron [A]
The Hurt Locker [A-]
Citizen Kane [A]
Planet Hulk [B+]
High Society [B-]
The Philadelphia Story [A-]
The Pianist [A-]
Murder By Decree [A-]
A Man For All Seasons [B+]
A Patch of Blue [B+]
Broadway Danny Rose [B+]
The Departed [A]
The Purple Rose of Cairo [B+]
Zelig [B ]

Woody Allen's 1982 entry, this time a proto-Forrest Gump mockumentary about the life of a "human chameleon" named Leonard Zelig who has the ability to take on the characteristics of anyone around him. Much like the aforementioned Purple Rose of Cairo, Allen doesn't really dwell on this gimmick at all, which is the case with a lot of his films, presumably why he's largely escaped being labelled as a genre director despite about a dozen of his movies having clear genre SF/F content. The film is quite a technical achievement, seamlessly mixing Woody, Mia Farrow, and others in amidst real footage of the era, and recreating others. It generally feels quite like a documentary as well, and even has clips from a fake 1935 film about Zelig. Cute and worth seeing, if not remarkable.
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