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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

Buxton was at fault for their first goal. Got outbullied by Fatboy Parkin. Other than that didn't really put a foot wrong again. He really benefits by playing next to someone as experienced as Barker. Barker's been outstanding ever since the Forest game, just awesome. Reminds me of when we had Stimac. He's as reliable in the air as Big Dave was, only Barker's got much more mobility.

Anderson's great cover to have, and I'd extend his contract beyond the end of this season. He's more than capable cover for both Buxton and Barker. When Leacock's back that's another bit of quality to add to the defensive cover, and all this is without Addison. Suddenly we're blessed with talented options!

The confidence levels were very apparent last night. Wouldn't have been too long ago that if we'd gone 0-1 down the heads would have dropped. Last night, the attitude seemed to be one of irritation. The lads just upped through the gears and absolutely battered Preston into submission. By the end of the game it really was getting ridiculous, I seriously expected Bywater to have a run at one point!
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