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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

Preston.....the latest team to be pwned by the Rams!

I was speaking to some Preston fans last night and their comments were brilliant, going along the lines of not realising that they were turning up to play Brazil. 28 attempts on goal, brilliant. With Hulse, Commons et al, 28 goal attempts is always going to yield a hatful of goals.

Makes you wonder what we'll be capable of if we get Sanu or Vaughan on loan as well.

Favourite bit from last night was when we went 5-2 up. Everyone took their positions ready for the kickoff and our team looked like a bunch of starving people who've just had a burger dangled in front of them. Absolutely great to see that desire. A few minutes later Clough was on the sidelines imploring the defenders to get back, it was like a cavalry charge. Poor old Preston didn't know what had hit them.

Considering that people were worried at the beginning of the month because all of our games were against top teams, we've just beaten three of them and unluckily drew the other one. Swansea on Saturday, c'mon you Rams!
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