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Yeoman Janice Rand is very obviously another non-human. You see, that isn't a elaborate hair style, that is in fact the actual shape of Rand's head! The enlarged size of the cranial cavity of Rand's race (Randizoids) accommodates a brain of superior abilities, important for Rand's many complex duties.
Randizoids are, in fact, a race or sub-species of Coneheads from the planet Remulak.
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Also transporter chief Kyle, he has this truly weird off world accent.

And what about Mr. Scott? He's supposedly a Scotsman from Aberdeen, but WTF is with that accent? I think he's really an alien who immigrated to Earth, settled in Scotland, and tried to assimilate as best he could. He just could never get the hang of speaking English with a real Scots accent.

And Chekov, with that weird way he says “w” instead of “v”. “Keptin! The wessel just wanished!” No Russian speaks English like that!
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