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Re: Movies Seen in 2010


Avatar [ B]
Precious [A-]
Invictus [ B]
A Single Man [B-]
Crazy Heart [A-]
A Serious Man [A-]


Adventureland [B+]
Samaritan Girl [C+]
3-Iron [A]
The Hurt Locker [A-]
Citizen Kane [A]
Planet Hulk [B+]
High Society [B-]
The Philadelphia Story [A-]
The Pianist [A-]
Murder By Decree [A-]
A Man For All Seasons [B+]
A Patch of Blue [B+]
Broadway Danny Rose [B+]
The Departed [A]
The Purple Rose of Cairo [B+]

Slowly making my way through the early-80s Allen box set (roughly speaking, the "Farrow period"), this is one of the few early Woody Allen movies with no Woody in it. It's basically a two-actor show, Farrow and Jeff Daniels in two parts. This is actually a sci-fi film, albeit one basically uninterested in the mechanics, so it might as well be magic: Farrow is Cecilia, an unemployed Jersey waitress in the Depression who escapes her poor economic situation and casually abusive husband through the cinema, when one of the characters in the film walks off the screen and declares himself to be in love with her. It's sort of a comedy most of the way through, albeit not one that's heavy on jokes so much as the absurdity of the whole situation (ie, everybody takes this occurence basically in stride, and the studio and the actor start fretting about all the legal technicalities, meanwhile all the rest of the characters in the picture sit around since they can't continue the story). It's an amiable film for most of the way through, though without a huge amount of plot; the characters are (or seem) likeable. What really sticks with you is the ending, which (in line with the theme of the film) is strongly unsentimental and 'real'.
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