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Re: Who Could Carry Their Own Series?

I disagree with the idea that "no one" could carry another series, but I also disagree somewhat with the premise of the question.

Could even Patrick Stewart "carry" a ST series? Did he carry TNG?
It's fairly well known that he led the cast in terms of acting, and that his range and intensity - basically his chops - were beyond the rest.

But could he carry a ST show? My point is that although Stewart is great, and Picard episodes were great, ST worked as an ensemble - thus the warming from S1-S3, and so I think the whole question is off base.

I feel the answer is more one of having critical mass, between TNG/DS9/VOY characters. Having one stick out as a star or leader can be good, as in Stewart's case, or it could be bad. Thinking of TOS, by contrast - the Triad were fairly well matched (I think Kelley was the best actor, then Nimoy, then Shat, YMMV), but it was the interplay of those characters that made it work.

As for me, I like the mini-series idea of Riker and the Titan, checking in with as many TNG/DS9/VOY characters as makes sense and fits the story.
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