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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

If you guys could beat Swansea tonight, that'd be fantastic. Thanks! Think we'll have our hands full with WBA somehow - certainly not going to turn them over like we did at the Hawthorns, not with our injury crisis and current lack of ability to defend.

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Thanks to the wonders of the t'internet I managed to get a feed for the game. Had to listen to French commentary, but that in itself was fairly amusing.
Non-English commentary can be great fun. I've been learning Welsh the last 6 months (well, re-learning technically) so I've been watching Cardiff's FA Cup matches on S4C. It's brilliant - S4C has clearly never witnessed anything like Drogba before and go wild over him! And the main guy they have talks constantly in a really grandiose, thick North Welsh accent which puts me in stitches. His crowning moment was at the end of the game, mentioning Chelsea's fixture list:

"Next, Inter Milan and Jose Mourinho, Manchester City and Carlo Ancelotti. But today... DAVE JONES AND CARDIFF CITY!!!" BBC, ITV and Sky have no one who cares to this guy and I'm gutted that's the last game I get with him until probably next year's Carling Cup!
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