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Re: TOS Enterprise Shuttle Storage?

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Keep in mind that that diagram is based on the Jefferies drawing of the forced perspective miniature set, so the proportions are off by quite a bit. The general concept is pretty much there, though.
Right, that's the diagram from Franz Joseph's Starfleet Technical Manual, which contains quite a bit of info now regarded as apocryphal (Main Engineering at the back of the saucer??) and some that's plainly facetious (the bowling alley mentioned by Lt. Kevin Riley in "The Naked Time." I mean, that WAS a joke, right?)

Of course, it makes sense that the shuttlecraft would be stored and repaired on the deck level below the shuttle launch bay (that's what the combination turntable/elevator is for). Strictly speaking, then, the so-called "hangar deck" is actually the FLIGHT deck, where the shuttles are launched and retrieved. The level below should be called the hangar deck. But . . . picky, picky, picky.
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