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Re: CAPTAIN AMERICA-shooting July 2010:Casting, Rumors, Pics till rele

Being a ham isn't an intrinsic part of Kirk,
Well it used to be an intrinsic part of Kirk. And it would have been fun to see Pine hang onto that aspect of the character, to some degree. But it's just impossible to see how it could have been done without becoming absurd, so they were right to drop it.

Overall, Trek XI showed good sense about what to keep and what to drop. For instance, a lot about Uhura was dropped, to very good effect, but very little was changed about McCoy and Spock, because they didn't need it.

Zachary Quinto for Sub-Mariner (Namor always had Spock ears anyway)
Wentworth Miller needs to hit the gym and get himself some abs. Then he'd be a great Namor! Besides, Zach will be busy playing Barnabas in my TV remake of Dark Shadows.
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