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Re: The Wolfman (grading and discussion)

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I wouldn't say it screams "see me on the big screen" but since I hadn't been to the theater since the let down that was Avatar I came out happy.
Whaa? I feel bad for you, man. I've seen quite a few movies in the theater since Avatar. Two of them -- From Paris With Love and Edge of Darkness (especially the last one) -- I consider to be worthwhile theatrical endeavors.
Its not that I didn't want to go to the theater I just didn't have time or other responsibilites kept me from going.

I was curious about Book of Eli and Edge of Darkness. As part of the Regal Rewards I got a free movie ticket when I went to Wolfman. Maybe I can double back and catch Eli cause its still at my closest theater.
Ah, I understand. I would suggest Edge of Darkness over Book of Eli, though, if you do.
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