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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

Thanks to the wonders of the t'internet I managed to get a feed for the game. Had to listen to French commentary, but that in itself was fairly amusing.

Decent game, we played some great stuff until we scored. Wasn't really any great surprise when we went ahead to be fair. After we'd gone ahead though I thought that we just went a little too negative. Passed up easy opportunities to create decent chances, instead opting to go backwards. And, for all his good work, Commons made a few silly decisions as well, giving the ball away.

Should have been a draw and a replay, but ultimately not too bothered as the display was good again and we've got bigger concerns that the cup at the moment. With 2 home games to come this week I'd really love to see another couple of performances like the ones in the past 4 games. What we don't need to do is undo all of that work and pick up 1 or 0 points.

And on a positive note, Forest lost again.

Apparently there were boos when Davies subbed Mejewski. Awwwwww. It starts......
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