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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order

I really liked the recognition that the doctor has for Spirodopoulos' possible (subconscious?) response to the sight of a Cardassian doctor over a dead Federation officer. That he understands the implications, no matter how unfair they are, is interesting and in keeping with the empathy a doctor should possess. I'm sure it's true that a Starfleet officer's familiarity with "Cardassian doctor" would be Crell Moset and his ilk, rather than the majority of doctors working to preserve life and ease suffering. That view might not be fair, but it is understandable that that's what a Starflet officer might have swirling in his mind, and it is good characterization to have the doctor understand and acknowledge this, even if he's not condoning the biased view. It was, as I said, in keeping with the empathy a doctor should be expected to show; it also shows the complexity of the character- a complexity that your characters usually have- and I really liked it.

The comparisons between Vulcan and Cardassian- two cultures so alike in many ways yet so different in others (and with some confusion as to what is a similiarity and what a difference!) were also interesting- I'd like to see more of that.
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