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Re: Movies Seen in 2010


Adventureland [B+]
Samaritan Girl [C+]
3-Iron [A]
The Hurt Locker [A-]
Citizen Kane [A]
Planet Hulk [B+]
High Society [B-]
The Philadelphia Story [A-]
The Pianist [A-]
Murder By Decree [A-]
A Man For All Seasons [B+]
A Patch of Blue [B+]


Avatar [ B]
Precious [A-]
Invictus [ B]
A Single Man [B-]
Crazy Heart [A-]
A Serious Man [A-]

Bringing the number of Best Picture nominees I've seen to eight of ten, this is the Coen's latest movie, one of the minor-league nominees. It's a dense film, and probably too purposefully inscrutable for me to really love it in the way I love, say, Miller's Crossing, but it's well-worth seeing. Strong performances all around from the cast (which includes a few recognizable character actors in supporting roles). There are a bunch of different recurring thematic motifs here, such as Schrodinger's Cat-type scenarios, the Book of Job (commonly mentioned in reviews), and also Abraham and Isaac (though that's not a perfect reference, as Isaac was never actually in danger).
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