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Re: What is an "ion pod?"

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Howzabout this: The whole aparatus consists of more than just the jettisonable pod. The part that the person is actually manning is a small room just inside the ship's hull; the pod itself is purely a sensor array, and thus completely disposable. When the pod is jettisoned, that room is now open to the great black yonder; no environmental force field here, that'd screw up the readings, and the room's too small to wear an environmental suit, so when that red alert starts screaming, and that transluscent dome in front you is getting ready to go buh-bye, you either get on the other side of that door, or hope you can hold your breath long enough to get picked up by a ship equipped with an infinite improbability drive.
Love that last bit!
As for the rest; I'm a little worried about the personnel - why design a room that's too small even for an enviromental suit to be used? That leaves you with a hole in the hull (and thus a point of weakness) by design? That leaves all your instrumentation exposed to the vaccum of space? It gets around the issue of the (too small) aft light being the ion pod though, but it sounds a bit cavalier, even for TOS Starfleet!
Captain Robert April wrote: View Post
I'm trying to figure out a way that the little bump back there can be the pod with a guy in it...
Hence I think you were on the right track with your earlier design of having a "bay" of iod pods, even the exact location might be better suited further aft. I imagine something like an extendable boom (similar to Franz Joseph's tractor beam thingy) coming from the bottom of the ship (out of one of the many hatches there) with the ion pod on the end of it. That way you make the pod as large as you like!
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