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Re: Was Picard wrong in I,Borg?

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I think if Picard had gone through with the plan it would have only slowed the Borg down, they always had a knack of surviving. I always thought the early introduction to the Borg by Q was wrong. Up to then they never knew we exisisted and they were busy eating up the Delta Quadrant.
Archer met the Borg.

Seven of Nine was assimilated years before Q Who happened.

It's a screw-up in continuity from the writers, since we were led to believe that Q Who was the true first contact between the Borg and the Federation.
The Borg in Enterprise isn't a continuity issue, since the Collective in the Delta Quadrant didn't learn of the incident until about the time of "Q Who."

Having Seven and her parents assimilated when they were, however, was a continuity error, IMO. Though, I can believe that the Borg didn't think humanity was that important to worry about after those three individuals were assimilated and only decided to try to assimilate the race at a later date.
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