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Re: My Star Trek fan art

Thank you. ]:3

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Nice! When you line the artwork in SAI, are you using a tablet?
I auctually use a tablet computer now, but I use to use a Wacom tablet (and still do when my tablet PC isn't around).

This is a new coloring style I've played with a couple times recently.
Gaila, Madeline and Uhura.
Just in case you didn't catch her, Madeline was a character in the background who got a couple close up camera shots in the 09' movie. I thought she looked so unique in the movie.
The special features they pointed out that they did a specific design for her and called the make up "Madeline." So I like to draw her now and then (even though she's a pain to draw). ]:3
I gave Gaila the long sleeved skirt uniform just cause I wanted to draw all 3 versions of the female uniform.

Their hands came out horrible.
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