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Re: Emily Blunt: Genre babe of the week #7 (Feb. 2010)

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I think it's a shame that people would rather see the big name actresses. Threads like these are a perfect opportunity to showcase the lesser known ones and I wish that were embraced a little more.
Meh, it's the same reason people will see a movie based on name recognition of the actors. That's why they're name guys, they'll draw people regardless of actual talent. I don't think it's a good thing, or anything, but it's pretty predictable.

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Not that appealing. Thumbs down.
Yoda wrote: View Post
I watch an assload of TV and have no clue who a lot of these people are. I guess this thing has been running for a few years, and it's scraping the bottom of the bucket now.
What standard are you using that this is "scraping the bottom of the bucket?" Honestly. For a woman who looks like this to be dismissed as unappealing and even 'scraping the bottom,' there must be some ungodly - or perhaps godly - standard to which she's being held.
Well, the bottom of the bucket refers to actual popularity. If most people don't have a clue who she is, then it's the bottom of the proverbial barrel. That part isn't really a comment on her looks.
For my own part, definitely "thumbs up" . She may not be a goddess, but who cares? She's beautiful.
I'd say she's decent looking. But honestly you've got a 50 percent chance of walking into a Starbucks and seeing a better looking girl. If she doesn't 'wow' me at least somewhat then I can't give a thumbs up.

And I have very little clue who she is, either, but does that really matter for what we're doing here? Do we have to have her address and phone number to know a beautiful woman when we see one, and to respond to that?
It seems to matter to some. I think it's silly too, some people seem to feel the need to feel like they know these chicks, when really all they know about them is how good they are at acting, and PR.

Sheesh, we're awfully particular for people who probably have little chance with women who look like any of the ones in these polls - probably because we watch an assload of TV ...
Speak for yourself! I think I have an OK chance with women that look as good as Emily Blunt. She's not exactly a supermodel. She ain't 1 in 100,000 beautiful. She ain't no Scarlett Johannson.

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And I don't understand voting negatively on her simply beause one hasn't seen her in anything. It seems to me this entire series of threads is based on judging a woman on her looks.
Because, Trekker, I refuse to treat women, even famous ones, like they're slabs of meat. Personality is important to me. In Emily Blunt's case it is not that I have not seen her anything (I haven't though) but I don't know enough about what she's like as a person.
, well aren't you principled?
There are a lot of women out there, especially of the famous variety, who look great but are miserable, hateful bitches, quite frankly. On the other hand, there are other women who might not be quite as good looking but actually smile occasionally - and not just for posed photographs.
I really doubt that you know the 'inner beauty' of people you've never met before nearly as well as you think you do.
That's not to take anything out on Emily Blunt. I gave her a sideways simply because I don't know anything about her. She's a very nice looking woman but so is every other woman picked for these threads.
Sideways for all intents and purposes is a thumbs down for people who feel bad about saying thumbs down, at least in regard to the final ratings right? If you want to be truly neutral, don't vote!

Agent Richard07 wrote: View Post

As for Emily Blunt, I thought she was a big name. She's everywhere, or so I thought.
I don't know man.. just looking at her IMDB... There was Charlie Wilson's War, Devil Wears Prada, and uhhh, Dan in Real Life, three movies I've heard of but haven't seen. Her top billing out of those movies is third woman in a girlie movie. The rest of her credits is a bunch of shit I've never heard of. How is that 'all over the place' especially with the TrekBBS crowd?

Wolfman's just coming out, and honestly it looks like something that's going to have a very moderate box office take, and will be quickly forgotten.

Anyway, just based on the name of the thread... I mean, when I think "Babe", I don't think "quiet nice librarian who may not be the prettiest, but has a great smile", I think SCHWING, Wayne's World style. That just seems like common sense to me.
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