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Re: What is an "ion pod?"

Since only Kirk, Spock and Finney could have faked the computer records, I'd guess "Records Officer" is an expression for the ship's leading computer wrangler. Either he's an especially skilled officer (like I think Spock would be), or then an officer with exceptional access (the case with Kirk, most probably). I'd vote Finney is the match of Spock in skill, hence quite a prize for Starfleet.

I also guess it makes sense not to assign anybody permanently for a single piece of equipment that may see use once per decade. Yet if the ion survey gear is high tech that gets plugged into the side of an old starship, some expertise is probably called for in operating it. People with special competence on things that go beep-beep in the night, such as the science department or the computer folks, would then plausibly rotate on that duty - and the list may be relatively short, perhaps not much longer than the list of people who could falsify computer records...

Timo Saloniemi
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