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Re: Was Picard wrong in I,Borg?

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^And yet they did NOT retaliate when a "virus" of individuality struck the Borg. Surely if the Collective could trace a destructive virus to the UFP, they could do the same with what happened.

And yet...either the Borg didn't know...or didn't care.
The "individuality virus" was less an intented attack and more a side-effect of Hugh being out of the collective for a period of time. The Borg likely wouldn't see that as an attack and would do what they did, dispensed with the defective drones.

Attack because of the "individuality virus" would be like Russia attacking us because one of their citizens visited America and then came back singing the Star Spangled Banner and quoting Washington. It was less "attack" as it was just an effect of the change of setting.
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