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Re: Was Picard wrong in I,Borg?

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Why not? A different set of murderous goons is in power (local or global) now than would have been if the wars had been cut short. Who cares? The amount of blood spilled still exists, still can be quantified, still can be solely blamed on those who pulled the triggers or dropped the bombs.
If your essential point here is "it did not matter who won World War Two" I am not going to bother debating the point, clearly we are coming from completely different points of view.

Defeating the brutal, evil, genocidal dictatorship that was running Germany and creating as a result the peaceful coalition of nations that now comprises Europe (eventually) seems to me in every way worth the blood spilled, on both sides.

In general, more blood is shed by the victor than by the loser. That's how one wins wars, after all.
Except in WW2, where the allied powers as a whole lost vastly more lives.

OTOH, the victor defines good and evil for the following few decades. All the more reason, then, to ignore his pious definitions and stick to that which universally works: the amount of suffering directly generated.
Pseudo-philosophical horse-poop. While a direct exact definition of good and evil is difficult to judge the Nazis were evil, plain and simple. That is not to say the allies did not do bad things in achieving victory, and war itself is a brutal abomination, but to just let the Nazis win would have been horrific. Apart from anything else they would have set about racially pirifying a continent. All untermensch would have been exterminated.

I just hope I got the wrong end of your post Timo normally I have a lot of time for your opinions but this one baffles me.

Germany was explicitly prevented from surrendering until all of Europe had been lost to the horrors of the war.
No German would have surrendered before the end of 1943 or so, by which point much damage was done. The war could have ended in 1944 had the Nazi leadership been removed, but the damage would have been almost as bad.
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