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Re: Emily Blunt: Genre babe of the week #7 (Feb. 2010)

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Not that appealing. Thumbs down.
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I watch an assload of TV and have no clue who a lot of these people are. I guess this thing has been running for a few years, and it's scraping the bottom of the bucket now.
What standard are you using that this is "scraping the bottom of the bucket?" Honestly. For a woman who looks like this to be dismissed as unappealing and even 'scraping the bottom,' there must be some ungodly - or perhaps godly - standard to which she's being held.

For my own part, definitely "thumbs up" . She may not be a goddess, but who cares? She's beautiful. And I have very little clue who she is, either, but does that really matter for what we're doing here? Do we have to have her address and phone number to know a beautiful woman when we see one, and to respond to that? Sheesh, we're awfully particular for people who probably have little chance with women who look like any of the ones in these polls - probably because we watch an assload of TV ...
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