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Re: Fan Films at Farpoint

Polaris will be making a presentation at Farpoint at 11:00 AM on Sunday, February 14, in the Dulaney 1 Room.

We'll also be participating in filmmaking panels throughout the weekend, including (as of the latest revised convention schedule):


5:00 PM - Lighting On a Budget (Dulaney 1)
6:00 PM - Writing For Small-Budget Films (Chesapeake 2)
7:00 PM - Building Sets On a Budget (Dulaney 1)


11:00 AM - Starship Polaris (Dulaney 1)
2:00 PM - Deciding On Your Fan Film Business Model (aka How to Pay For All This Stuff!) (Chesapeake 2)
3:00 PM - How to Find Good Actors & Directors (Chesapeake 2)
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