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Re: Your Star Trek Online Screenshots!

So, there I was, minding my own business, scanning for Gorgon in the Delta Volanis cluster... when this happened.

Yes, that is me and my away team beneath the terrain! They disappeared first (I figured it might have been a Gorgon trick, actually, and thought it was quite clever), and then, after a server disconnect, I found myself here with them.

I tried to head for the shore I knew to exist that was related to this body of water, but I ended up here:

I was trapped inside the hill. Beamed back to the ship, got to resume and complete the mission (although my away team fell through the terrain again). Very strange. Reported to Cryptic as a bug.

I am at Lt 10, and need only 300 or so skill points to make Lt.Cmdr. I am ahead of the curve in relation to my missions, though - I still have a few to do that are ranked Lt 7, although I've heard some of those are bugged - and so will be able to use my new ship on them when I get it (I'm thinking of going for the science ship, because I like the balance of it, even though I'm a tactical officer).
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