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Re: Your Star Trek Online Screenshots!

A few more pics from my recent adventures.....

I finally made Lt. Commander and am trying to figure out which cruiser I want to go with. On the one hand, I look at my crew as temporally displaced into the 25th century and figured they'd need to be upgraded after some time.

But why go with a 23rd century upgrade? I want to play the movie Enterprise, but I really dig the Excalibur as well. I may give the game a rest for a few days and think it over.

How's everyone else doing? Looks like everyone is ahead of me! Of course it didn't help that I started out playing this like a standard RPG, where I thought I was getting the same amount of experience going into battle with enemy ship signals.......the real action is in the missions, where you level up fairly quick. So I basically pissed away about a day and half of my three day weekend doing battles that didn't really benefit me.

Ah well, we learn by doing eh?
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