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Re: STO Trek BBS Fleet

This is what the Fleet uniform looks like.

I am having a problem setting the uniform in the fleet control. I have reported the bug, but have not heard back from the GM's.
Directions to create this uniform are given by type followed by color boxes from left to right:
Starfleet - B - 3 / Black / Dept. Color / Black / Dept Color
Color Configuration 2
Department Insignia in gold (far left gold box)
Rank in gold (far left gold box)
Lower Body is tight
Uniform Lower is Reinforced / Black / Black
Feet are Boots Leather / Black / Dept Color / Black / Black
Department Colors are
Tactical first row five from left
Engineer third row five from the left
Science sixth row five from the left
Black is second from the bottom far left
I hope the Gm's will get back to me soon with a fix so I can just set the uniform and anyone can go to the tailor and get it by clicking, but if you want to make it now, you can.
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