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Re: Was Picard wrong in I,Borg?

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And are you going to tell me that everybody who had been assimilated up to that point had not possessed individuality? The whole concept of the Borg is that they conquer individuality easily.
Only when they assimilate people. In that case the Borg wipe out the individuality in the process. If an already existing drone becomes an individual, the Borg can't cope with that as easily.
But they re-intergrated him into the Collective. How is that any different than assimilation?

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There is never justification for genocide.

Picard did the right thing.
It wouldn't have been genocide. The Borg are not a race. They're a group of automatons under the control of the Hive Mind.

I'll grant that it would be more morally preferable to disconnect every single drone from the Collective. However, even if every single resource of the Federation was directed at this goal, I doubt they would ever be able to achieve it.

In the name of self-defense, and self-perservation (not to mention the defense of countless alien races who would be assimilated in the future), I think Picard should have used the invasive program.
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