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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Enterprise

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If you haven't been reading the B5 thread then it's very hard to explain. Actually, even those reading the B5 thread don't understand it. Basically, when Walter Keonig showed up in his first episode I made a joke that it was Scott Bakula of Quantum Leap fame. Then I started claiming that every actor from Trek that I see on B5 is Scott Bakula, that goes for Trek writers too. That led to me creating a Scott Bakula counter for all the times that he shows up on B5, and that led to me creating a Scott Bakula?! counter for every time that somebody asked me what the Scott Bakula stuff is about. Then I revealed it was all part of a plot to lure Scott Bakula to post in the thread, just like what happened with Mike Sussman, that way he could explain to me what the ending of Quantum Leap was all about. Then people started joking that Scott Bakula would write a review one day, so on my birthday I took the day off and let him do it.
::cough:: That was me. I'm still waiting for my royalty check.
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