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Re: Bill Murray Confirms Ghostbusters III Rumor

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Last I heard was that he won't be in Ghostbusters 3.
Moranis is very mercurial, and he enjoys retirement very much. I have no doubt that everyone would like him to return, but I doubt he will unless the script knocks his socks off.
Apparently his wife died, and he's focusing his time with his kids.
Not "apparently" -- his wife passed away in 1991 from liver cancer, and he took what was intended to be a hiatus, appearing in maybe a movie a year, from acting for a while to raise his children, who were very young at the time (although they're grown, now). Eventually, he realized that he didn't miss making movies all that much, and that hiatus became retirement, only coming out for small things like a voice role in Brother Bear. He had made his money in the '80s and early '90s, and he had spent it wisely, so he didn't need to work. Good for him.
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