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Re: next Trek series pilot in 3-D for cinemas?

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Will James Cameron's Avatar change things for Trek TV in 2012-2014?
There's a lot of talk about Avatar changing things and I'm wondering how Trek may be affected in this way.
Surely with a handful of 3D TV channels launcing in the next few years it's quite doubtful that the next Trek TV series would be shot in 3D due to the limited home viewers who would be able to see it in 3-D.

What about shooting just the 2-hour pilot in 3-D that would get a limited release in digital 3D cinemas?

The rest of the series could be in 2D but if they do a pilot and possibly a season finale in 3-D it could be an event for Trek as well as some extra revenue for $12.-15./ticket.

With the now possibility that Paramount may want the next Star Trek feature film shot in 3-D for 2012 and the growing availability of digital cinemas could have a limited 3-day event in 2013 or 2014 for a series 6 Trek.

As far as Nielsen ratings for a season finale there could be a limited digital cinema release say 2 weeks later in 3-D.
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