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Re: Movies Seen in 2010

Broadway Danny Rose [B+]

My latest DVD acquisition is a box set of 80s Woody Allen films; great deal, given that I donít own any of them (the first Woody Allen film I saw was Match Point, one of my top 10 of the 2000s). This is one of Allenís early 1980s comedies, a period in his filmography dominated by his then-muse Mia Farrow, though pretty much all these movies are coloured a bit by the rather acrimonious end of that relationship. Allenís films have a lot of autobiography, in this case the subject being the New York club entertainment scene, with Allen himself playing a theatre agent who represents the bottom of the barrel. Itís an effective little story, with a strong lead performance (Woody Allenís manner has become such a comic caricature that itís easy to forget that he can be a really good actor in the midst of his standard schtick), as well as from Farrow and the various real-life figures from the entertainment scene. Itís filmed in black-and-white, which is kind of random.
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