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Re: Fallout: New Vegas

After owning KotOR for several years and after three attempts to play it, I've only now, this week finally gotten off that first planet. So far I have to say I don't get what all the fuss is about, though I suppose it doesn't help that I hate the combat system. Seriously. I feel like a total non-participant.

Example of a typical battle: -

*Click* shoot at that guy! *miss* *miss* *miss* you missed! how could you miss he's standing right there?!

I've just now finally got my hands on a lightsaber and I'm not impressed. Me and my squad keep getting killed by a bunch of animals and my character keeps missing them...with a point blank range!!! I have half a mind to install Jedi Outcast, punch in the dismemberment cheat and show KoTOR what using a lightsaber should be like.
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