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Re: New Star Trek Fan Film

That's awesome work. Looks a lot like what we're doing, in fact. We're using CorelDraw and printing directly from a HP5500 PS onto High Gloss Photo Imaging Paper with it overprinting the black 15%. Basically, we're placing screen caps, line art, whatever the source we can find for each station and using them as a template while I invidually draw each button (ovals and rectangles) whenever possible. I also bounce the science behind some of the panels off my Chem Eng wife who'll tell me this or that isn't correct (one of the stations in ST:TMP had that 3% or so (my memory's a little blurry) of the atmospheric composition was Ammonia. That would be unpleasantly poisonous to the crew, so that sort of went bye-bye.

At present, we've completed the graphics for five bridge stations, and two-thirds of another. That leaves half-sized Damage Control (not a manned station), the Helm/Navigation panel, the Servitor panel (we're still debating that one--does one have a coffee and danish machine on the bridge?) and the captain's office panel.

Construction on the set will begin the first week of March at present.

We're still negotiating the warehouse situation. Everyone with a warehouse is demanding to know what we're doing, and when we tell them, we've had some of our prospective landlords rescind their offer to rent us the space. "We don't need no space trekkies cluttering up my parkin' lot" and that sort of nonsense. Still, one of the local chambers of commerce is interesting in bringing us into their county to film. What's five extra minutes of drive time worth? Apparently a huge savings on the rent.

I've basically given the chamber/realtor guy two weeks to find me what I want, or we're going with what we've got which isn't in the best neighborhood, but certainly is easily accessible and cheap.
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