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Official TrekBBS Fantasy Baseball thread!

As usual, I've opened up the Fantasy Baseball thread (and teams) as early as possible! Gotta get a jump start on obsessing over my teams!

Anyway, looking for 11 brave souls to sign up for the yearly TrekBBS Baseball league. Please send me a PM with your email address in it, and I'll send you the invite through ESPN. We used them last year, and I think it all went pretty well, plus for those of us in the Keeper League as well, it lets us control both teams through the same site...

Live draft date as been set up for Thursday, March 25th, 9pm EST. Of course, autodraft can pick just as badly as a human, so if you can't make it, that's ok too, I just ask that if you sign up, please try to keep up with the team...

As for the Keeper League, that's been reactivated too, with a draft date of Sunday, March 21st, 8:15pm EST. Keeper Selections lock on March 10th, so remember to select up to 6 keepers before that date...

And, as always, looking to make a trade or two before we get started. A 2-1 keeper trade that improves a spot for me, or my spare "keeper-worthy" guys for a draft pick. If you have any interest, shoot me a PM or just propose a trade on ESPN.
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