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Re: Your Star Trek Online Screenshots!

billcosby wrote: View Post
Wow guys, this is really whetting the appetite and THANKS for the screenshots! That mushroom planet is wild. Are you pleased with the scope and variety of planet surfaces? Can you beam down anywhere on a planet? Can you go where ever you want and explore anything?

Going to have to check this out when I get my new desktop built. I'm pretty sure this would melt my laptop into goo.
The beam down coordinates are pre-determined. However, you can visit almost any planet you wish and travel to any sector you wish, the game playing area is quite large. I can only imagine how much more and how much larger things will become. As for scope and variety, I've been everywhere from desert climates to swamps, technological wonderworlds and barren wastelands. Asteroid fields to the Wormhole at Deep Space Nine and beyond. It's worth it. It really is, and it feels so much like the Star Trek world.

Oh, and just to keep the screenshots a comin':

The Axiom approaches the damaged Starbase 24:

The Axiom approaching Starbase 24 (other angle):

Lt. Commander Jorak Akarian in Spacedock Lounge.
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