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Re: My Star Trek fan art

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What do use to draw them with? I take they're created digitally?
Yes and no. The finial product is digital, but I start off drawing it in a sketch book.

I use a "Light Blue" Col-Erase Prismacolor pencil to sketch the drawing, then I just re-draw over the picture with my pencil.
I scan it and use the Japanese art program "SAI" to line it. Then I take it into Photoshop (use PS Elements 7), color it, and shadow/highlight.

This is an old picture, but you can see the steps here:

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Awesome NuTrek character art there

I hope Tokyopop is looking at these
Aw, thank you. ]:3

Even though Gaila was just a brief character in the movie I just really liked her what was seen of her personality. She kinda seemed quirky. So I've become a fan of KirkxGaila. ]XD;;
This picture was actually drawn earlier then the head shot group pictures.

I have a web comic going, and back in Sep. when the new Trek movie came to DVD I drew this picture up for this voting site my comic is connected to as a joke.
These are my characters The black haired girl is Spike (nickname), the little blue guy is Ploog, the golden blond girl is Sam, the light blond is Tori, and the redhead Teressa. (there are other male characters in the story, just these are the only characters that have shown up in the comic so far.) I though I'd post it for fun too.
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