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Re: Treking through all Star Trek

Series: The Original Series – Season One
Episode: “Mudd’s Women”
Trek Installment # 97
Grade: C-
Viewing Date: November 29, 2009

Oh! Swing and a miss!

Here are the lessons to be learned from this episode:

- Pimpin’ ain’t easy. Just ask Harry Mudd.

- Beauty in the eye of the beholder; beauty is only skin-deep; beggars can’t be choosers, etc.

- Scruffy, middle-aged miners in the future think they can get queens . . . when they’re not even married yet and have to depend on mail-ordered brides

- Spock’s heart is where his liver should be

I really wanted to like this episode. I did. I like Harry Mudd – a sort of con man in the future. The concept that there are still humans out that want to take your money and sell you a lemon is kinda refreshing. Swindling is a human characteristic and we can’t all be perfect. But ultimately, the failure is in the story. There’s nothing but air behind Mudd. Mudd is a great character, but the women are stupid, the miners are dumb, and that creepy guy at tactical is freaking me out.

Back to the Rigel system, huh? Egads, what a busy place.

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Wow. Epic undertaking. I thought I was being nerdy watching the entire x-files season 1-9 in order of airdate
That's next.
The Preserver Saga

Treking Through All Star Trek
Watching all Star Trek in chronological order
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