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Re: Cast the Characters of Trek Literature

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^ No worries and anyway, you weren't alone in your interpretation.

This keeps happening to me. A few weeks ago in a West Wing thread, someone suggested a behind-the-scenes show at the UN. I suggested that it would be like a non sci-fi Babylon 5, then someone else pointed out that for it to be like B5, the UN would have to do various nasty power-grabbing things, like happened in B5, which the UN wasn't capable of doing. I replied something like 'Well, unless the Michigan Milita are right', thinking it was so evidently ridiculous that it didn't require a smiley. Buuuuuuut .... - well, guess the rest.
Yeah, that was me. My bad.

In my defense, that same thread had someone spouting paranoid nonsense about how the United Nations Charter has provisions allowing for the U.N. to raise its own army. (It does not.) So hopefully my miscomprehension of your statement is somewhat understandable in that context.
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