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Re: Your Star Trek Online Screenshots!

My adventures in the final frontier:

Captain Jack D. Hawkins and Science Officer Suron

My ship, the timelost U.S.S. Far Star

The Far Star at Earth

Over the rings of a planet very much like Saturn

Strange New Worlds

Leaving Vulcan

In battle

Approaching Deep Space 9

Leaving Deep Space 9

Asteroid Base

The broken world

Battered and bruised

In orbit

Mining station

The beauty of space

My crew

Beauty shot

In orbit again

In orbit from the front

Me on left very jealous of guy on right

Really wish they'd have had the Constitution Class ship and original Trek uniforms as one bonus....instead of having them on separate editions as bonus'. The Gamestop edition with the Constitution Class was regular price while I believe the edition with classic outfits was more expensive.

Based on some footage of the costume design freedom, I figured it'd be easier to create a costume fairly close to the original Trek outfits than to create a ship as close to the original.

Hopefully they'll make it available at some point.
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