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Re: STO Trek BBS Fleet

We just had our first fleet get together at Earth Spacedock. During the meet and greet we decided we need to do something as a fleet.
So we are looking to set up a fleet event on Friday Feb 12th. We were thinking a casual event at first, to give people who can play a chance to get to know each other. We are spread across many time zones, so I was thinking it could start early and run late with people coming in when they can and leaving when they need to.
I am off on Friday so I can coordinate over most of the day.
I was thinking we could have people in the same level range team up for missions and PVP action.
To enhance the communication between members during play the fleet will use Steam for chat. Steam accounts are free and easy to create. Some of you probably already have Steam accounts (Akiraprise you may not be buying the game from them, but it makes talking much easier), but for the rest it only takes a few minutes.
My Steam handle is aeliusN7. After you set up your account please send me a friend invite and I can help everyone get on each others lists. This has the added advantage of showing when other fleet members are playing making teaming up easier.
Yeah, had a blast you guys.

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