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Re: Movies Seen in 2010

Sherlock Holmes [B-]
Men in Black [A]
Up in the Air [A]
Star Trek: The Motion Picture [D+]
I'm Not There [A]
Beyond a Reasonable Doubt (2009) [D-]
American Violet [B ]
Inglourious Basterds [A]
Death at a Funeral [B ]
A Serious Man [A]
The Hurt Locker [A-]
Mad Max 2 (AKA The Road Warrior) [C]
The Book of Eli [C-]
Elegy [B+]
Close Encounters of the Third Kind [A]
The Invention of Lying [B-]
Gamer [C]
Timecrimes [A]
Metropolis [A]
Pandorum [B ]
Raiders of the Lost Ark [A]
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade [A]
Moon [A]
Fun with Dick and Jane [C]
Sunshine [C]
Stanley Kubrick's The Killing [B+]
Ernest Hemingway's The Killers (1964) [A-]
Ernest Hemingway's The Killers (1946) [B+]
Glengarry Glen Ross [B-]
Gattaca [A]

The 1946 version of The Killers is probably superior to the later version in every technical way. It's pretty faithful to the original source material (reportedly it's the only film based on his work that Hemingway actually liked). Yet I still like Don Siegel's take on the material more. That said, this version is still very good, and Ava Gardner is a terrific femme fatale (her final scene, where she selfishly tries to get her dying husband to lie and say she's innocent, is delicious).

Glengarry Glen Ross...I don't know, I kind of expected more from this film. Considering it has just about every famous old white guy of 1992 in it, and the acclaim it has earned over the years, I wanted more. I have to say that I'm more of a fan of Mamet in theory than in practice. His dialogue wears you down. I do wonder what the film would have been like had he directed it. Probably 75 minutes long with credits, knowing how he likes to cut out every possible bit of fat.

Gattaca is one of my favorite science fiction films. It looks incredible (even better on Blu-Ray), and has a wonderfully designed future which has several nice subtle flourishes. Not much else to say at this point.
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