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Re: Treking through all Star Trek

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I just briefly read the past 11 pages, and wanted to say - I think you're doing an excellent job with your reviews!

My family owns all of Trek on DVD, though our collection started with Season 1 of TNG, and now I'm tempted to go back through and watch it all chronologically too!

Someone said a while back that they thought your reviews were too short - but I disagree, they provide a nice level of information and opinion. I've found other reviews in other people's threads to be a bit too long at times! Especially since I usually only visit these forums a couple of days a week, when I get the chance - so catching up on 20 or 30 pages of long reviews can be tedious!
The review length really depends on the episode. I actually have a hard time writing about good episodes, simply because 1) so many fans have already gushed about how good it is that I'd basically be repeating what they're saying; 2) I think it's just easier for me to pick on the flaws. That's not a solid rule, though. When I reviewed "What Are Little Girls Made Of?," the review is super-short bcause the episode was horrendous.

It also depends on how I'm watching the episodes. If you check out the viewing dates, you'll see that a lot of the time, I'll marathon the episodes, watching 3-4 in a row. That being said, this was easier with Enterprise because I had seen most of that series. TOS is a different beast and I've found that I sometimes need to really gather my thoughts after I watch an episode.

I must admit that in hindsight (after seeing all of Trek) I dislike Enterprise, perhaps more than I should - but reading your review made me want to watch it a second time.
Enterprise gets a bad rep. I would recommend a re-watch. As mentioned elsewhere in this thread, there are some serious gems in seasons one and two. Seasons three and four does a little better in finding the series footing, although season three has its fair set of flaws.

I wanted to finish by saying, I'm greatly looking forward to when you get up to TNG-era, its my favourite era of Trek, and TNG and DS9 are almost tied for my favourite series (DS9 is slightly better, only slightly though) - I'm looking forward to reading your opinions and am curious to see how your grading of the various seasons of TNG, DS9 and Voyager will compare with Enterprise.
It's going to be very interesting when I finally do get to TNG and the other spin-offs. My guess is probably mid-Apirl. I'll be finishing up TOS season two this week, which means kicking off season three next week. It'll probably take me a month to six weeks to plow through that, TAS and the movies.
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Treking Through All Star Trek
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