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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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Well glad to see Burton won!

I think the most annoying thing about Billy is that this time he might actually be able to walk away unscathed which he didn't do with either us or Preston. Much as he rails against it I reckon he must secretly love the acquisitions comitee.

Definitely looks like we're getting MArtin, and that young lad from Arsenal who'll give us a bit of pace up front at least. Really thought we were going to get all three points on Saturday so was annoyed at the last minute equaliser. Of course if you'd offered me 1-1 before the game I would have taken it.

Yeah I think it was a decent window, and hopefully Martin and Sanu is it will boost us further. Nice not to lose Hulse or Commons but would have been nice to offload Connelly or one of two others.
Davros at it again......

And the 'Billy's too big for this club' bandwagon gathers pace......

Further condoned by him threatening to take Nigel to court over 'kneegate'. Good luck Billy, Nige has got 30,000 eye witnesses to say he did nothing.

Burton did well at the weekend. Vale were restricted to just a few chances. Brilliant atmosphere and a near full house. Even Vale brought a decent away following with them.

Yeah, looking like we've definitely got Martin, and Sanu sounds like a replacement for Vaughan seeing as Everton won't let him go.

Think we're trying to get Connolly gone. We'd lined him up going back to Plymouth on loan but he turned it down. Sounds like he's happy to sit on the bench picking up a wage. Don't need players like that at the club methinks.

Would have taken 1-1 at kickoff so can't complain too much. The lad who scored for them though was on our books as a youngster and was at least, a Derby fan.
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