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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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Thing is, things are already in place to instigate R2's inevitable departure from Forest.

It'll all boil down to the same old tosh, that the board didn't back him and he wasn't allowed to buy the players that he wanted to buy.

Billy's smart, but sadly for him he's a one-trick pony and people are getting wise to his tricks.

Forest will suffer for not bringing in a leftback. WBA will go up in second. Forest will need to make sure that they're in the right frame of mind for the playoffs, which everyone knows are a lottery.

Dave Martin, the lad we were trying to get in on deadline day from Millwall but couldn't has passed a medical earlier in the week. Looks like we'll be signing him on a loan-to-permanent when the loan window re-opens on Monday. Also still keeping tabs on Vaughan at Everton. We have first option should Moyes decide that he can go out on-loan.

A decent window for us. Nicky Hunt, Russell Anderson, Michael Tonge should give us that level of experience needed to give the younger players that extra boost. Barker and Hulse look like they're back to full fitness as well. Both were outstanding against Forest on Saturday. The young lad from Man City should give us good competition at rightback and give us another option on the right wing.

Don't think we'll have any problems in staying up this year and then it's more rebuilding over the summer. Decent interview with Jeff Mallett on DET today. One of the major concerns (other than the obvious lack of investment) is that because the investment group is foreign then they wouldn't necessarily be as invested in the sport as we might like. Mallett sounds fairly invested, and has a huge and long relationship with the sport. A good read.

Not expecting much tomorrow. We rarely do well at Bramall Lane.

We're off to Burton to see Pesch's lads nail Port Vale. Hopefully.......
Well glad to see Burton won!

I think the most annoying thing about Billy is that this time he might actually be able to walk away unscathed which he didn't do with either us or Preston. Much as he rails against it I reckon he must secretly love the acquisitions comitee.

Definitely looks like we're getting MArtin, and that young lad from Arsenal who'll give us a bit of pace up front at least. Really thought we were going to get all three points on Saturday so was annoyed at the last minute equaliser. Of course if you'd offered me 1-1 before the game I would have taken it.

Yeah I think it was a decent window, and hopefully Martin and Sanu is it will boost us further. Nice not to lose Hulse or Commons but would have been nice to offload Connelly or one of two others.
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