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Re: What is an "ion pod?"

Huh, well that is interesting; thanks. And T'Girl, I also had the escape-pod notion; when I saw the remastered configuration, it recalled the port where Jim's pod was jettisoned by Spock from the STXI Enterprise. I'm wondering which of those came first.

Thinking of how Finney planned to get off the ship, I am reminded of Dr. Simon Van Gelder beaming aboard in the shipping crate with a breathing mask. Both Finney and Van Gelder were mentally unbalanced, and Van Gelder still came up with that. And I don't think Van Gelder had anyone to help him either, as Finney wouldn't.

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...However, in a major storm, the pod rapidly picks up a charge of its own that becomes a danger to the rest of the ship, and we have to get rid of it."
Edit: Just want to mention this kind of clears up a question I entertained about Memory Alpha's page; I didn't understand how the pod would be a danger to the ship. It said: ...The pod's exposed position was a potential vulnerability to the ship...
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