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Re: What is an "ion pod?"

plynch wrote: View Post
Minor McGuffin
Mayor McMuffin.
It's Finney I'm luvin
Or should I say leavin'
Reivin' thievin' Jamie don't be grievin'
Yo, his heart's still beatin'
Cuz Bennie - he be cheatin'
Hidin' in engineering
(Tho' white noise hurts your hearing)
Coolin' his jets
Cuz you know Areel never forgets
But Shaw nuff, 'nuf of Shaw
It's Samuel T 'n his books of law
So James T. will go Scott free
Cuz he did nothin to Ben Finney
Saw it on my TV
Clever rap, but it's actually Mayor McCheese.

(Yeah, I know, it doesn't rhyme.)
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