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Re: Your Star Trek Online Screenshots!

Finally got started on the Admiral Quinn mission 'Hide and Seek' - when I attempted it in open beta, I got my arse kicked quite quickly, and decided to wait until I'd levelled up higher than I was at the end of beta.

After tackling a Gorn force engaging the USS Valor and collecting some dilithium, I went to a captured decalithium refinery, and engaged some more Gorn.

Erm... oops?

After dealing with that little issue, I made it into the Paulson Nebula, where I was to scan a series of suspicious sensor anomalies. Then, I encountered this:

The word 'eep' sprung to mind. Fortunately, it consisted of only one active combat vessel, and the other 48 were static mines which were easily dispatched.

Turns out that the asteroid contained a Klingon listening post, and I went in to investigate.

Marass Th'Ralkas looking rather badass in the listening post:

And I completed the mission, despite the constant stream of 'Server Not Responding' messages...
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