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Re: Twin Peaks: The Review Run

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Nice first review. Have you seen all of the series before, Joe? If not, you are in for a treat.
Oh, yeah. Even towards the end, when it's kind of lost in some storylines that don't really work, there's always something to make you keep watching. I originally saw the show as daily reruns and could hardly wait for the next day's episode. When I watched through the gold box I generally watched a few in a row. It really immerses you in that world; watching it as a weekly TV series with occasional breaks must have been a very different experience.

Yes, The 50's/60's is not just you. David Lynch really likes that era and a several of his films have the same look. In fact, if you want to see something "peaksish" after you finish the series, check out Lynch's Blue Velvet. Like Peaks, it's a mystery set in a small logging community. It even has Kyle Maclachlan in it.
I bought Blue Velvet on video while on my first TP runthrough, never having seen it before. It really does have a similar feel. That weird timelessness, the mix of humour and horror, the distinctive characters and setting, they're all there.

The music is great. I keep meaning to get the soundtracks but never get around to it.
They're well worth it. There's the original TV soundtrack, the FWWM soundtrack, the much more recent second volume of the TV soundtrack, the two Julee Cruise albums from back then, and the Blue Velvet soundtrack has its moments, too.

As for FWWM... watching it first would be a bad idea. It gives too much away. I first saw it the day after watching the end of the Laura Palmer storyline and found it devastating. It's really grim and creepy; I didn't watch it after going through the gold box a few months back, but I might watch it today. I've only watched it twice but a lot of it stays with you.
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