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Re: Movies Seen in 2010

Movies Seen in 2010
Duplicity - C-
The Hurt Locker - A
Moon - A
The Princess and the Frog - B
Crazy Heart - B+
Julie & Julia - A-

I've finally seen a film with a best actress nominee. Not sure why, but whenever the nominations come out, the Best Actress category tends to be the one in which I haven't seen any of the 5 films. It's happened the last couple of years, and this year I'm going to make an attempt to see at least 3 of them.

Anyway, I loved this movie. It was deliciously charming, funny, and Streep once again was great. I also liked Adams, giving a more modern flare to this story and I didn't mind the interchanging between the scenes in Queens, and the scenes in New York. Streep though, seemed to really enjoy this movie. I mean when was there not a time where she was all giggly and smiling and just didn't seem like she was having a good time. Even in the scenes were Julia was down (Such as not getting book published at first or when her sister was pregnant), it seemed like she still had a bright smile on her face. It was charming, and extremely pleasant.
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